The concept of 20-20 Paris

Not only vintage jewelry ...

20-20 Paris, it is a brand created with passion, offering you jewels that have already lived.

Each piece is carefully selected by us before being offered to you.

Our treasures are then cleaned, purified of the energies they may have accumulated, and restored if they need it.

Bijoux vintage 20-20 seconde main occasion

Behind each jewel hides a story, an incredible anecdote, or a simply touching fact.

That's why we at 20-20 Paris love our job so much: in addition to hunting for magnificent treasures, we also deliver the fragments of history that make them so special.

Because what we particularly love in our jewels, beyond their beauty, are their secrets.

Bijoux vintage

Choosing 20-20 Paris, it also means opting for a more ethical and thoughtful consumption.

Why produce, pollute, waste and solicit controversial supply networks, when the market is full of talented creators and the beauties they have already created?

Choosing our jewelry means certainly finding unique pieces, but also limiting your environmental impact, participating in a more respectful economy, and committing with a citizen act.

Bijoux vintage 20-20

Our little treasures are of all kinds,

In gold, silver, vermeil, gold-plated, brass, sometimes set with semi-precious stones or precious stones …

All this, at sweet prices, between 50 et 300€.

Perfect to give yourself or someone else a gift that, beyond its beauty, will have a special resonance for you.

Bijoux vintage occasion seconde-main 20-20

20-20 Paris, this is therefore sublime jewels, but also beautiful stories that we transmit to you, and values that we share.

It is now up to you to adopt them, and to write the next chapter of their history. …